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CHEM 112 General Chemistry

CHEM 112  General Chemistry  Units: 6.00  

A survey of modern chemistry: structure and bonding, phases of matter, thermodynamics, acids, bases, electrochemistry, equilibria, kinetics and organic chemistry. Using information technology, labs, and problem-solving strategies, students will develop an appreciation for the relevance of chemistry to the solution of modern-day societal challenges.
NOTE Also offered at the Bader International Study Centre, Herstmonceux. Learning Hours may vary.
NOTE Lab coat estimated cost $27; goggles estimated cost $17; blue lab book estimated cost $9.
LEARNING HOURS 288 (72L;36Lb;36G;48O;96P).

Requirements: Prerequisite None. Exclusion CHEM 113; CHEM 114. Recommended 4U Chemistry or equivalent.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

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