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CIVL 215 Materials For Civil Engineers

CIVL 215  Materials For Civil Engineers  Units: 4.50  

The basic engineering properties, micro/macro structure, behaviour and applications of various civil engineering materials will be studied including materials used in structural engineering, hydrotechnincal engineering, geotechnical engineering and environmental engineering. This will include concrete, steel, timber, polymers, composites and soil. Interaction between materials will be examined. Laboratory experiments will be used to demonstrate material behaviour. PPE will be required for this course student's cost (see course materials for details)
(Lec: 3, Lab: 1, Tut: 0.5)

Requirements: Prerequisites: APSC 151 Corequisites: Exclusions:   
Offering Term: W  
CEAB Units:    
Mathematics 0  
Natural Sciences 12  
Complementary Studies 0  
Engineering Science 32  
Engineering Design 10  
Offering Faculty: Fac of Engineering Appl Sci  

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