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CIVL 500 Civil Engineering Thesis

CIVL 500  Civil Engineering Thesis  Units: 4.00  

Working closely with a faculty member, students will conduct research on a civil engineering or related applied science topic. Students will: identify a problem; formulate a research question; and devise and implement a research plan. The nature of the research may involve obtaining experimental measurements, performing field testing and/or numerical analysis, and analysing and interpreting research results. Students will prepare a comprehensive, written technical report and will defend their research in an oral examination. Registration is limited to a maximum of twenty (20) students. PPE will be required for this course at student¿s cost (see course materials for details).

Requirements: PREREQUISITES: successful completion of 3rd year civil engineering with a minimum sessional average of 70%  
Offering Term: FW  
Offering Faculty: Fac of Engineering Appl Sci