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COMP 392 Computing Internship III

COMP 392  Computing Internship III  Units: 3.00  

A Computing Internship involves spending twelve to sixteen months in a paid internship position in the private or public sectors. Students in a 12-month internship register in COMP 390/6.0 and either COMP 391/3.0 or COMP 392/3.0, or all of COMP 393/3.0, COMP 391/3.0 and COMP 392/3.0. Students in a 16-month internship register in COMP 390/6.0, COMP 391/3.0 and COMP 392/3.0. The Internship Coordinator must be satisfied that the work carried out has educational merit. Successful completion of the course requires submission of a satisfactory report on the experience within thirty days of completion of the work period. The Internship Coordinator is responsible for evaluating the report. The QUIP program includes prior workshops on interviewing, resumé preparation and work performance. Career Services manages the non-academic aspects of the program.

Requirements: Prerequisite A cumulative GPA of 1.90 or higher and level 2 or above and registration in a Bachelor of Computing Internship Plan (BMCO-I-BCH or COGS-I-BCH or COMA-I-BCH or COMP-I-BCH or CSCI-I-BCH or SODE-I-BCH).  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  


Subject Code for Biomedical Computing:  BMCO Subject Code for Cognitive Science:   COGS Subject Code for Computer Science:   CSCI Subject Code for Computing:   COMP Subject Code for Computing and Information Science:   CISC Subject Code for Computing, Mathematics and Analytics:  COMA Subject Code for Computing and the Creative Arts:  COCA Subject Code for Software Design:  SODE World Wide Web Address: