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CURR 368 Curriculum Dev In Tech Ed, Pt1

CURR 368  Curriculum Dev In Tech Ed, Pt1  Units: 3.00  

(Fall-winter program Technological Education candidates only) The ability to teach effectively depends to a large extent on a teacher's ability to act as a curriculum planner for both long and short term planning. Readings, discussions, and activities are used to combine research and teacher candidates' experience in order to become curriculum planners in broad-based technology. Introduction to concepts, practices, and processes of the curriculum field. Teacher candidates use this knowledge, and their professional and school experiences to articulate models of curriculum, assessment, and evaluation that will guide their practice as curriculum planners. CURR 368 gives candidates the opportunity to understand curriculum guidelines and how they are translated into curricular possibilities for Grades 9 to 12. Candidates complete a project and project report for Grade 9, discuss possible curricular approaches for Grade 10, and articulate a proposal for a Grade 11 or 12 community-based project.

Offering Faculty: Faculty of Education  

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