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DEVS 361 Policy Advocacy in Global Development

DEVS 361  Policy Advocacy in Global Development  Units: 3.00  

This course equips students with strategies, techniques and mindsets that help social movements and justice-oriented organizations contribute to policy advocacy. Through historical and sociological research, students apply core concepts and best practices to develop new understandings about where policy advocacy fits within a broader spectrum of transformative societal change. The course provides practical guidance for designing public campaigns aimed at legal and policy changes toward the goal of justice advocacy in global development.
NOTE Only offered online, consult Arts and Science Online.

Learning Hours: 120 (72 Online Activity, 48 Private Study)  
Requirements: Prerequisite (DEVS 100/6.0 or DEVS 101/3.0 or DEVS 105/3.0*) or permission of the Department.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Global Action and Engagement Certificate

Subject:  Administered by the Department of Global Development Studies. Plan:  Consists of 18.00 units as described below. Program:  The Plan will lead to a Certificate in Global Action and Engagement.

Global Action and Engagement Certificate

...C. Students may take both of DEVS 361 ; DEVS 362 . Global Action and Engagement Certificate...