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DRAM 246  Technical Practicum  Units: 1.50  
A credit/non-credit practicum for 48 hours of extra-curricular work in drama-related fields, including departmental productions.
NOTE Students will be given a grade of Pass/Fail for work done.
Learning Hours: 60 (12 Lecture, 48 Practicum)  
Requirements: Prerequisite None. Corequisite (DRAM 240/3.0 or DRAM 242/3.0).  
Course Equivalencies: DRAM246; DRAM246B  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Work effectively in collaborative and team situations, displaying good interpersonal skills, and conflict resolution strategies.
  2. Self-regulate their time and effort in support of a collective artistic project.
  3. Set individual learning goals and assess the progression towards those goals.
  4. Reflect productively on a learning experience, feeding past experience into new future goals.
  5. Contribute in a meaningful way to the successful execution of an artistic project or event.