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ENCH 397 Experimental Chemistry

ENCH 397  Experimental Chemistry  Units: 7.00  

Laboratory course introducing modern experimental methods in chemistry, including synthesis, analytical instrumentation and computational methods. The integration of several methods will be emphasized in the synthesis and characterization of molecules.
(Lec: 3, Lab: 0.5, Tut: 0)

Requirements: Prerequisites: At least 6 units at the 200-level in ENCH/CHEM or permission of the Department. Corequisites: At least 3 units at the 300-level in ENCH/CHEM or permission of the Department. Exclusions:   
Offering Term: FW  
CEAB Units:    
Mathematics 0  
Natural Sciences 84  
Complementary Studies 0  
Engineering Science 0  
Engineering Design 0  
Offering Faculty: Smith Engineering