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ENSC 802 Global Environmental Problems

ENSC 802  Global Environmental Problems  Units: 3.00  

This course focuses on real-world environmental problems analyzing their social, ethical, and biogeochemical origins, economic ramifications, and institutional frameworks for their mitigation and resolution in the context of environmental sustainability.  This course would logically follow or run concurrently with ENSC-801*, and will deepen and continue the themes through consideration of the intellectual history of theories and concepts relevant to environmental studies, with a focus on the concepts of ¿sustainability¿ and ¿sustainable development¿. Three term-hours; Winter; S. Brown, G. Whitelaw

Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Environmental Studies

The School of Environmental Studies occupies a suite of office and laboratory space in Queen’s Biosciences Complex. All regular faculty members have office space in the School Biosciences Complex, and graduate students are provided carrel space in one of three common offices that can accommodate 30+ students each. Proximity to faculty members permits a high degree of interaction. The space held by the School also includes two administrative offices, offices for post-doctoral fellows and Adjunct Faculty, eight laboratories and a school lounge. Ancillary space includes a cold room, two equipment bays, and storage facilities at the Queen’s University Biological Station.  Some faculty members also hold specialized laboratory space in their home departments.

Environmental Science (ENSC)

Not all courses are offered every year. With the exception of  ENSC 898, 899 and 999 all courses are 3.0 credit units. 

Environmental Studies - Master of Environmental Studies

The programs offered conform to the Research masters pattern I (Thesis), and the Project pattern II (Course-based), the general requirements for which are indicated in the general regulations.

Environmental Studies - Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. program in Environmental Studies provides graduate training in environmental studies, emphasizing interdisciplinarity and focusing on the concept of sustainability and sustainable practices. The theme of sustainability emphasizes the long-term nature and impacts of environmental change, the connections between today's decisions and tomorrow's welfare, and the strong dependence of human well-being on environmental quality. The program responds to widespread perceptions and concerns about society's future in a world of finite resources, and there is a growing demand for this program as demonstrated through the increasing number of inquiries from students about Ph.D. opportunities in our School.

Awards and Financial Assistance

...overall combined average in ENSC 801 Environmental Studies Methods * and ENSC 802 Global Environmental Problems...