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GEOL 301 Field Studies in Geology I

GEOL 301  Field Studies in Geology I  Units: 1.50  

A multi-day field trip that uses stratigraphic, sedimentological, and paleontological data to interpret rock successions in a paleoenvironmental and tectonic context. Enrolment is limited.
NOTE Multiday Field Trip: estimated cost $600.

Learning Hours: 61 (1 Lecture, 30 Practicum, 15 Group Learning, 15 Private Study)  
Requirements: Prerequisite GEOL 238. Corequisite (GEOL 321 or GEOL 337 or GEOL 368). Exclusion GEOL 302; GEOL 368 (prior to 2013); GEOL 478 (prior to 2013); GEOL 488 (prior to 2013). Note Visit the Department of Geological Science and Geological Engineering website for more information about this course.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science