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GEOL 475 Exploration and Environmental Geochemistry

GEOL 475  Exploration and Environmental Geochemistry  Units: 3.00  

Rock-water interaction and element migration in near surface environments applied to environmental and exploration problems. Students learn field and analytical techniques, evaluate and interpret geochemical data, and design solutions related to geochemical hazards to human health, environmental impact of mining, and detection of mineral deposits.
LEARNING HOURS 129 (30L;6S;33Lb;60P).

Requirements: Prerequisite GEOL 365 or permission of the Department. Exclusion GEOL 485.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

...of the instructor EXCLUSION: GEOL 475, GEOL 865 and GEOL 885 GEOL 878 Terrigenous Clastic...