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GPHY 417 Land-Use Change in the Earth System

GPHY 417  Land-Use Change in the Earth System  Units: 3.00  

Changes in land use and land cover represent significant changes to the dynamics of the earth system. This course will explore the methods used to quantify rates of land-use and land-cover change, and also the biophysical consequences of these changes. The goal of the course is to develop a framework for evaluating the biophysical and societal trade-offs associated with land-use decisions.
NOTE Field trip fees may apply in certain years. See departmental webpage for more information. Cost will vary depending on location, but not likely to exceed $175 per year.
LEARNING HOURS 131 (30L;41Oc;60P).

Requirements: Prerequisite Level 4 or above and registration in a (GPHY Major [Science] or EGPY Specialization Plan) and (6.0 units from MATH at the 100-level or above) and (6.0 units from BIOL or CHEM or PHYS at the 100-level or above) and a (minimum GPA of 1.90 in 30.0 units from GPHY).  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science