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HIST 315  Modern Latin American History: Sources and Debates  Units: 6.00  
In first semester, students join with the lecture course 'Latin America 1850-Today'. In second semester, students deepen their exploration of Latin America's modern history in a seminar format, with emphasis on major controversies, critical reading of historical sources and texts, speaking, research, and writing skills.
Learning Hours: 240 (36 Lecture, 36 Seminar, 168 Private Study)  
Requirements: Prerequisite Registration in a HIST Major or Joint Honours Plan. Exclusion HIST 286/3.0.  
Course Equivalencies: HIST 315, HIST 315B  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify the major economic, political, social, cultural, and intellectual trends that have shaped the history of Mexico, Central and South America, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean from 1850 to recent years.
  2. Appraise the pros and cons, benefits and tradeoffs of different development strategies and distinct political alternatives.
  3. Appreciate how historians build narratives from the fragmentary evidence of the past, recognizing different kinds of historical sources (primary, secondary, tertiary) and understanding how historians work differently with each.
  4. Recognize and participate in scholarly debate, judging the validity of competing claims and critically evaluating sources and methods.
  5. Engage in every step of original historical research: choosing a topic, formulating a research question, locating and evaluating sources, organizing information, and presenting findings in writing.