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HPE 807 Leadership in Health Professions Education

HPE 807  Leadership in Health Professions Education  Units: 3.00  

This course provides health profession educators with an introduction to leadership in healthcare professions. With the constantly evolving needs of healthcare systems, it is imperative that strong leaders drive the need for change and innovation. Course participants will be introduced to numerous concepts critical to healthcare leadership such as principles of change and innovation, conflict mediation, leadership identity, strategic planning, and design. Through readings, case studies, and individual and group activities, learners can expect to gain valuable skills and perspectives on healthcare education leadership and to apply their knowledge in a variety of professional contexts. Through a variety of engagement and reflection opportunities, participants will gain insight into their strengths and challenges to best leverage their leadership potential.

Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences  

Health Professions Education

...within their clinical education setting. Fall; online. HPE 807 Leadership in Health Professions Education This...

Health Professions Education

...teach others within their clinical education setting. HPE 807 Leadership in Health Professions Education This...