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HSCI 591 Health Sciences Research: Design and Methods

HSCI 591  Health Sciences Research: Design and Methods  Units: 3.00  

This course will allow students to carry out components of a research project in the Health Sciences. Students will gain experience searching relevant literature, developing research questions, establishing and testing hypotheses (where appropriate), designing a research plan and methods. (Note: The primary difference between HSCI 591 (120 hours) and HSCI 598 (240 hours) is the number of hours the student is expected to spend on the project, which corresponds to a lesser scope of the research project in HSCI 591).

Requirements: Minimum 3rd year (Level 3) standing and registration in the BHSc program. Exclusion 12.0 units from HSCI 591/3.0; HSCI 592/3.0; HSCI 593/3.0; HSCI 594/3.0; HSCI 595/3.0; HSCI 598/6.0; HSCI 599/6.0.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences