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HSCI 594 Health Sciences Research: Data Collection and Interpretation

HSCI 594  Health Sciences Research: Data Collection and Interpretation  Units: 3.00  

"This course will allow students to carry out components of a research project in the Health Sciences. Meant to follow HSCI 591 and 592 or 598, students will gain experience answering research questions, establishing and testing hypotheses (where applicable) using a research plan and methods developed during the initial course, with an emphasis on the development of research skills and practice interpreting data.
(Note: The primary difference between HSCI 594 (120 hours) and HSCI 599 (240 hours) is the number of hours the student is expected to spend on the project, which corresponds to an expected increase in the scope of the research project.)"

Requirements: Min yr 3, 1 of HSCI591,593,598  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences