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HSCI 599 Advanced Health Sciences Research: Data Collection and Analysis

HSCI 599  Advanced Health Sciences Research: Data Collection and Analysis  Units: 6.00  

This course will allow students to carry out an in-depth research project in the Health Sciences. Meant to follow HSCI 592 or 598, students will gain experience answering research questions and/or testing hypotheses using a research plan and methods developed during the initial course, with an emphasis on the development of research skills and practice interpreting data.
Exclusion: no more than 12 units from HSCI 591,592,593,594,595,598,599.

Requirements: Minimum 4th year (level 4) standing, registration in the BHSc Program, one of (HSCI 592/3.0; HSCI 598/6.0)  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences