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KNPE 337 Physical Activity Promotion for Children and Youth

KNPE 337  Physical Activity Promotion for Children and Youth  Units: 3.00  

This course explores topics such as theoretical models of motivation, interest, and interpersonal behaviours, and the design, implementation, and provision of inclusive physical activity environments for children/youth. This course emphasizes the application of theory through activity-based classroom sessions and community placements.
NOTE Transportation and other costs directly related to the student (e.g. required Criminal Checks) are the responsibility of the student.
LEARNING HOURS 120 (18L;18Lb;24O;60P).

Requirements: Prerequisite Level 3 or above and registration in a KINE or HLTH Plan and (KNPE 237 or HLTH 270). Exclusion PACT 237.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

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