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LAW 140 Public Law

LAW 140  Public Law  Units: 4.00  

Study of federalism and the distribution of legislative powers under the Canadian constitution and of Anglo-Canadian legal norms governing state powers: `rule of law', nation to nation relations, relationship between states and citizens, role and independence of the judiciary and constraints upon on executive and administrative power including principles of Canadian administrative law.

Offering Faculty: Faculty of Law  


The graduate law program at Queen’s University offers to students from Canada and from countries around the world an intellectually rich and challenging environment for legal learning and scholarship.  Queen’s offers two graduate degrees in law:

Urban and Regional Planning

...Faculties of Business and Law. Staff offices, lab fees: approx. $140.00 3.0...

Urban & Regional Planning (SURP)

...meaning and sources of law, the Canadian lab fees: approx. $140.00 3.0...