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LAW 201 Introduction to Canadian Law

LAW 201  Introduction to Canadian Law  Units: 3.00  

Introduction to Canadian Law is designed for students from all disciplines, all ages, and all walks of life. The course provides students with an introduction to the Canadian legal and judicial systems. You'll learn where our laws come from, how Quebec and the rest of Canada operate under different legal systems, and how our government and courts are structured. You'll get to know the role of lawyers and judges in our society, and how legal ethics determine what they can and cannot do. You'll get brief -- but thorough -- introductions to the ""greatest hits"" of Canadian law: the Charter of Rights and the Constitution Act, 1867; Criminal Law; Torts; Contracts; Property Law; Business Law; Intellectual Property; International Law; and Workplace Law.

Requirements: LAW 2## Exclusions  
Course Equivalencies: LAW201; LAW201B  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Law  

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