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LAW 203 Workplace Law

LAW 203  Workplace Law  Units: 3.00  

For most Canadians, the laws that govern work relations are a critical determinant of income, satisfaction, fairness, safety, and ultimately, fulfillment. In Workplace Law, you will learn about the various legal regimes that regulate work relations: the common law regime; the regulatory regime which includes employment standards, health and safety rules, and human rights; and the collective bargaining regime that applies to unionized workplaces. Get to know one of the fastest-evolving and active areas in law: change is the only constant as workplaces are affected by economic, historical, political and global forces.
You will finish this course with an understanding of the legal and social issues at play in the laws that apply to work.

Requirements: LAW 2## Exclusions  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Law  

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