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LAW 334 Legal Ethics and Professionalism

LAW 334  Legal Ethics and Professionalism  Units: 3.00  

This course deals with the wide variety of ethical issues that confront those engaged in the profession and practice of law [i.e. the spectrum of both litigious and non-litigious contexts.] Areas covered will include relevant legislation, caselaw, and rules of professional conduct including the range of legal responses to unethical and unprofessional conduct; the nature and scope of lawyers' duties to their clients, the court, other legal professionals, the law society, and the public; the various roles of lawyers in society and the legal system and in particular their role in securing access to justice. Specific subject matter covered will include the circumstances giving rise to ethical problems; the fiduciary relationship between lawyer and client; conflicts of interest; the administration of justice; lawyers' duties relating to confidentiality, privilege, and disclosure; professionalism and civility; the importance of diversity; and the public interest in the administration of justice.

Requirements: Upper Yr JD only  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Law  

Civil Law-Common Law Degree Program

Registrants in the Civil Law-Common Law combined program must be in compliance with the National Requirement pertaining to approved common law degree programs. See

Juris Doctor (JD) Program

The Juris Doctor (JD) is a second-entry professional degree in common law. It is normally completed in three academic years of full-time study1. It is the basis of admission for registration into the licensing process to practice law for each province of Canada, except Quebec, which practices civil law. Through partnership with the Faculty of Law at the University of Sherbrooke, it is possible for Queen’s students to obtain a civil law degree in a single academic year, following graduation with the JD at Queen’s University.

Music – Minor (Arts)

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