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LISC 390 Integrated Life Science Laboratory I

LISC 390  Integrated Life Science Laboratory I  Units: 3.00  

Students will learn a number of different laboratory techniques, developing skills in scientific methodology, data acquisition, and interpretation. Students will also attain skills in critical thinking and hypothesis development, as well as gain experience in writing a laboratory report, and participating in research presentations.
NOTE Priority will be given to students registered in a LISC Specialization Plan.

Requirements: Prerequisite PHGY 210 or PHGY 214 or [PHGY 215 and PHGY 216]; PHAR 230 or PHAR 270 or PHAR 340 or LISC 391 Exclusion No more than 3.0 units from LISC390; BMED 384  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences