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LLCU 302 Unsettling: Indigenous Peoples & Canadian Settler Colonialism

LLCU 302  Unsettling: Indigenous Peoples & Canadian Settler Colonialism  Units: 3.00  

An intersectional/interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of, and possible alternatives to, Canadian settler colonialism. Primacy given to Indigenous voices/theories/methods related to the history of Indigenous lands and associated traditions/identities, the course focuses on the theory/practice of `unsettling¿ the settler colonial societies.
LEARNING HOURS 119 (36L;9G;6O;8Oc;60P)

Requirements: pre DEVS220 or 221 and excl  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Subject Code for Anishinaabe Language : ANSH Subject Code for Arabic Language : ARAB Subject Code for Chinese : CHIN Subject Code for German Language : GRMN Subject Code for German Studies : GMST Subject Code for Hispanic Studies : HISP Subject Code for Indigenous Languages and Cultures : INDC Subject Code for Indigenous Studies : INDG Subject Code for Inuktitut : INUK Subject Code for Italian : ITLN Subject Code for Japanese : JAPN Subject Code for Languages, Literatures and Cultures : LLCU Subject Code for Linguistics : LING Subject Code for Mohawk : MOHK Subject Code for Portuguese : PORT Subject Code for Spanish : SPAN Subject Code for Spanish and Latin American Studies : SLAS Subject Code for World Language Studies : LANG World Wide Web Address :

Cognitive Science – Specialization (Computing) – Bachelor of Computing (Honours)

COGS-P-BCH (Cognitive Science) COGS-I-BCH (Cognitive Science with Professional Internship) Subject:   Administered by the School of Computing in cooperation with the Departments of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Philosophy and Psychology. Plan:   Consists of 96.0 units as described below. Program:   The Plan, with sufficient electives to total 120.0 units, will lead to a Bachelor of Computing (Honours) Degree.

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