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MECH 203 Mathematical and Computational Tools for Mechanical Engineers II

MECH 203  Mathematical and Computational Tools for Mechanical Engineers II  Units: 3.50  

This course will introduce numerical and statistical methods for the solution of engineering problems, to complement those discussed in MECH 202. The topics of the course will be presented through problems, models and applications relevant to the Mechanical Engineering Program. On completion of the course students will be able to: solve linear systems of equations; analyze random processes; perform local optimization and hypothesis testing; interpolate and fit discrete data sequences. Students will solve problems analytically and computationally in an active learning, tutorial environment. The course will include a design project.
K3.5(Lec: Yes, Lab: No, Tut: Yes)

Requirements: Prerequisites: MECH 202 Corequisites: Exclusions: MTHE 225, MATH 225 and MTHE 272   
Offering Term: W  
CEAB Units:    
Mathematics 31  
Natural Sciences 0  
Complementary Studies 0  
Engineering Science 0  
Engineering Design 11  
Offering Faculty: Smith Engineering  

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