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MECH 361 Project Based Engineering: Conceive, Design, Implement & Operate

MECH 361  Project Based Engineering: Conceive, Design, Implement & Operate  Units: 3.50  

This course provides academic credit for 3rd year students who take a lead role in design and implementation of an engineering device of substantial complexity that is part of a student project. The student has to demonstrate significant involvement with the project during the Fall term and be recommended by an academic advisor in order to qualify and be approved by the course coordinator. Students who are permitted to take this course will be required to "conceive, design, implement and operate" a sub-system or complete competition entry using the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier courses. Successful course completion will consist of specification of function, analysis, selection of materials and/or components, preparation of working drawings, manufactured prototype, completed with a major report and poster presentation. The evaluation will be based on joint assessment by the project academic advisor and the course coordinator

Requirements: PREREQUISITES: Completion of 2nd Year and permission of the course coordinator upon the recommendation by the academic advisor.  
Offering Term: W  
Offering Faculty: Fac of Engineering Appl Sci  

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