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MECH 457 Additive Manufacturing

MECH 457  Additive Manufacturing  Units: 4.00  

This elective course provides a comprehensive introduction to additive manufacturing (AM), with an emphasis on a scientific/technical approach to process/product design, as well as troubleshooting, for various industrial applications. The course includes an overview of AM techniques (including process configurations, processing conditions and the common machinery/instruments), followed by part design, process design & optimization in the context of AM and AM process modelling and control. Both polymer 3D printing and metal powder-based techniques will be covered. The theoretical course material will be complemented by a group-based practical/hands-on project using the existing AM facility within the

Requirements: MECH 213 or (MECH 211 and MECH 212), MECH 270, MECH 203  
Offering Term: W  
Offering Faculty: Fac of Engineering Appl Sci