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MFIT 842 Automated Investing

MFIT 842  Automated Investing  Units: 3.00  

Gone are the days of the portfolio managers pouring over the annual reports of companies to make investment decisions. Today, algorithms and computers are independently making investment decisions across markets and asset classes. Data now takes the front seat in the investment decision making process. POS sales data, satellite images, social media posts, or search queries are now equally important when making an invest, or divest decision. This has changed the skills required of portfolio managers and how the market for advice works, how clients access expertise and the role of financial professionals in the investments industry. In this class, we will cover how data science and machine learning algorithms are changing how fundamental research is performed. We will also cover the recent rise of robo-advisors, and automated advice, and understand the role of other types of wealth-technology.

Offering Faculty: School of Business  

Master of Financial Innovation & Technology

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