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MICR 386 Fundamentals of Immunology in Health and Disease

MICR 386  Fundamentals of Immunology in Health and Disease  Units: 3.00  

Integrates the key principles of immunology to facilitate learning of immunology as it relates to human health and disease. This course offers real-life case studies, problems encountered and solutions applied, immunology virtual laboratory simulation, and extensive coverage of the basic science underlying each topic in the module.
Also offered online.
LEARNING HOURS may vary:120(48O;72P)

Requirements: Minimum 3rd year (Level 3) standing and one of (BCHM 218/3.0; BCHM 270/3.0), and one of (MICR 270/3.0; MICR 271/3.0; MICR 221/3.0). Exclusion MICR 360/BMED 877  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences