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MMA 803 Analytics Ethics and Policy

MMA 803  Analytics Ethics and Policy  Units: 3.00  

The production of large amounts of information and expertise provided by analytics and its impact in complex social settings must be examined and understood. AI and analytics pushes us to rethink the way businesses are organized and run. We examine the profound challenges and opportunities linked with the application of AI including deep exploration of ethical and policy implications. How will AI and analytics shape issues of privacy? How will the introduction of AI and analytics provide opportunities for social change? How will AI and analytics impact the nature the work?
This course explores the implications of AI and analytics on people, business and society. AI and analytics will reshape the relationship between people and organizations impacting decision making, employee motivation, retention, privacy and transparency. AI and analytics will also motivate shifts in HR practices such as increasing redesign of work roles that highlight the importance of cultural fit, empathy, compassion and collective leadership, skills unlikely to be performed best by machines. In addition, the impact of AI and analytics will lead to newly established and negotiated boundaries between people, organizations, institutions and society. This will require us to rethink the power and potential of AI and analytics to drive opportunities for social and policy innovation.

Offering Faculty: School of Business  

Master of Managements Analytics

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