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MNTC 409 Mineral Economics

MNTC 409  Mineral Economics  Units: 3.50  

Mining companies develop projects and operate mines as part of a global minerals industry. This course first sets the global context, reviewing the history of mineral economics, the nature and components of mineral supply and demand, pricing and markets, and aspects of their role in the global economy. The impact of government policies and international treaties on mining companies and projects is discussed. Building blocks of relevant economic concepts and financial tools are reviewed and applied to structured problems. The estimation of mineral resources and mineral reserves, the feasibility assessment process, and the disclosure of the results of work in these areas under National Instrument 43-101, are reviewed. The valuation of companies and evaluation of projects is covered, as are approaches to addressing risk and uncertainty. Sources and types of funding for companies and projects are introduced. Throughout the course, ways in which sustainability is increasingly being reflected in activities studied in this course are highlighted.
(Lec: 3, Lab: 0, Tut: 0)

Requirements: Prerequisites: APSC 221 and MNTC 305, or permission of the Mining Department Corequisites: Exclusions: MINE 330   
Offering Term: FWS  
CEAB Units:    
Mathematics 0  
Natural Sciences 0  
Complementary Studies 42  
Engineering Science 0  
Engineering Design 0  
Offering Faculty: Smith Engineering