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MNTC 499 Field School II (on site)

MNTC 499  Field School II (on site)  Units: 5.00  

Field School II builds upon the hands-on laboratory experience begun in Field School I. Modules will include a study of mineral processing unit operations, metal extraction processes, as well as drilling and blasting techniques. Students will develop basic laboratory analytical skills both in lab and field sessions. A focus on safety and occupational health will be maintained throughout. Available Online.

Requirements: Prerequisite: MNTC 301, MNTC 302, MNTC 303, MNTC 306, MNTC 314, MNTC 408, MNTC 415, and MNTC 423. Must be registered in the BTECH program  
Offering Faculty: Fac of Engineering Appl Sci