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MUSC 120 Applied Study I (Advanced Performance)

MUSC 120  Applied Study I (Advanced Performance)  Units: 6.00  

A first year study of the student's applied subject (instrument or voice) in the performance concentration.
NOTE Accompanist Fee: estimated cost $500 - $1,000.
NOTE Students are invited to audition for this course based on exceptional performance ability in their BMUS entrance audition. Course auditions take place in early September and successful students are registered in MUSC 120 and MUSC 125 by the DAN School. An invitation to audition does not guarantee acceptance into this course. All decisions are final.
LEARNING HOURS 263 (24Pc;23I;216P).

Requirements: Prerequisite Registration in the MUSC Specialization and permission of the School. Corequisite MUSC 125. Exclusion MUSC 121; MUSC 124.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

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