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NSCI 422 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

NSCI 422  Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience  Units: 3.00  

A course providing 1) the essentials in cellular and molecular neuroscience to pursue a graduate program and/or a career in neuroscience or related field, and 2) independent learning and communication skills applicable broadly. The course is divided into three segments: 1) neuronal integration, 2) synaptic plasticity, and 3) neuromodulation.
NOTE BMCO students should contact the Department regarding prerequisites.
LEARNING HOURS 119 (12L;24S;8G;6I;69P)

Requirements: Prerequisite A grade of B in NSCI 323 and (Level 4 and registration in the LISC Major or Specialization Plan) and (a GPA of 2.5)  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences  


The Centre for Neuroscience Studies is an interdisciplinary center with a membership that includes faculty members from multiple departments in both the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Arts & Science. The graduate program in Neuroscience provides an enriched environment for the training of highly qualified personnel with the skills required to study fundamental questions of function and diseases of the nervous system. Faculty members participating in the graduate program in Neuroscience have access to world-class laboratory facilities applicable to all aspects of neuroscience research.

Neuroscience (NSCI)

All courses are 3.0 credit units with the exception of NSCI 868 (1.0 credit unit) and NSCI 825, NSCI 899, and NSCI 999 (all  6.0 credit units.)

Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

...Program. EXCLUSION: PHAR 810 , NSCI 813 BMED 815...Given concurrently with LISC 422 , with additional assignments...