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NURS 405 Practicum in Community Health Promotion

NURS 405  Practicum in Community Health Promotion  Units: 6.00  

This course is about the practice of health promotion with population groups. Students will learn how to work with a planning model to assess, develop and evaluate health promotion needs and interventions for a target population. Students will work with a community-based agency in an independent team-based learning practicum where they will acquire the knowledge necessary to conduct health promotion projects. 192 hours clinical fieldwork.

Requirements: BNSC students only  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences  

Academic Programs

...NURS 100 ; NURS 323 ; NURS 326 Course NURS...380 ; CHEE 405 Course CHEE 405 Not Found...

Additional Requirements Upon Acceptance

...fourth year practicums ( NURS 405 Practicum in Community Health Promotion and NURS 492 Integrated Practicum...