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MTHE 334 Math Methods For Engrg & Phys

MTHE 334  Math Methods For Engrg & Phys  Units: 3.50  

Banach and Hilbert spaces of continuous- and discrete-time signals; spaces of continuous and not necessarily continuous signals; continuous-discrete Fourier transform; continuous-continuous Fourier transform; discrete-continuous Fourier transform; discrete-discrete Fourier transform; transform inversion using Fourier series and Fourier  integrals.

Requirements: PREREQ: MTHE 212 (MATH 212), MTHE 281 (MATH 281) and registered in BSCE or BASC.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

PHYS 334 Electronics for Physicists

PHYS 334  Electronics for Physicists  Units: 3.00  

The design of electronic circuits and systems, using commonly available devices and integrated circuits. The properties of linear circuits are discussed with particular reference to the applications of feedback; operational amplifiers are introduced as fundamental building blocks. Digital circuits are examined and the properties of the commonly available I.C. types are studied; their use in measurement, control and signal analysis is outlined. Laboratory work is closely linked with lectures and provides practical experience in the subjects covered in lectures.

Requirements: Prerequisite PHYS 239.  
Course Equivalencies: PHYS333, PHYS334  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science