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METL 335 Mats Sci III-Phys Prop Of Crys

METL 335  Mats Sci III-Phys Prop Of Crys  Units: 4.50  

Offering Term: W  
Offering Faculty: Fac of Engineering Appl Sci  

PHYS 335 Semiconductor Physics

PHYS 335  Semiconductor Physics  Units: 3.00  

An examination of the basic phenomena of semiconductor physics and their application in diodes, transistors, optical detectors, and lasers. The laboratory illustrates the use of semiconductor devices in electronic circuits. (0/10/2/28/8)~ COURSE DELETED IN 2008/09 ~

Requirements: PHYS231 OR PHYS235 OR PHYS239  
Course Equivalencies: PHYS335, PHYS380  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science