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PHYS 450 Adv Physics Lab & Proj

PHYS 450  Adv Physics Lab & Proj  Units: 6.00  

This course provides advanced physics and engineering physics students with experience in a wide range of modern experimental techniques. Experiments encompass measurements in applied physics, quantum solid state physics, low temperature physics, nuclear physics and optics. The course has set experiments in the Fall Term and group projects in the Winter Term.

Requirements: (PHYS350 AND PHYS343) OR (PHYS343 AND PHYS350) OR (PHYS350 AND CHEM331) OR (PHYS343 AND PHYS351) OR (PHYS342 AND PHYS343) OR (PHYS344 AND PHYS350) OR (PHYS342 AND PHYS351) OR (PHYS350 AND CHEM313) OR (PHYS344 AND PHYS351) OR (PHYS350 AND CHEM313)  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Concurrent Education Degree Requirements

...PSYC 202 , PHYS 312, AND PHYS 313. These...FOCI) course and PRAC 450 Alternative Practicum. Final...