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PHYS 490 Nuclear and Particle Physics

PHYS 490  Nuclear and Particle Physics  Units: 3.00  

A systematic introduction to nuclear and particle physics for advanced physics students. Topics include basic nuclear properties: size, mass, decay and reactions; shell model of nuclear structure; magnetic moments; gamma and beta decay; quark model of elementary particles; and strong, electromagnetic and weak interactions.

Requirements: Prerequisite PHYS 345.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy (PHYS)

The list of courses offered in any academic session can be found on the  Physics departmental web page . NOTE:  PHYS 840, PHYS 841, PHYS 842, PHYS 843, PHYS 844, PHYS 846, PHYS 848, PHYS 849 and PHYS 861 are six week modules (1.5 credit units). All other courses are 3.0 credit units, except PHYS 899 and PHYS 999 (6.0 credit units).

Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy

...strong, electromagnetic and weak interactions EXCLUSION: PHYS/ENPH 490 PHYS 892 Particle Physics A course...