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PRAC 110 Experiences in Education Year 1

PRAC 110  Experiences in Education Year 1  Units: 1.50  

The equivalent of two full weeks in an elementary (K-8) setting (minimum 60 hours), including contact with a special needs student. The format is to be very flexible, but pre-planned. For example, candidates may choose to do a series of half-days, or two full-time weeks, or a combination of half-days, full-days and/or full weeks. Full-time weeks may be done during the fall or winter reading weeks, or (if necessary) at the end of the term in May, or a reasonable combination of these options. The placement must be completed in the same academic year.

Offering Faculty: Faculty of Education  

Concurrent Education Degree Requirements

...Focus (FOCI) course and PRAC 450 Alternative Practicum...0 (50% only), FILM 110 /6.0 (50...

Regulations and Policies

...Experiences in Schools Placement Candidates must complete PRAC 110 Experiences in Education Year 1 in...