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PRAC 310 Introduction to Schools Year 3

PRAC 310  Introduction to Schools Year 3  Units: 1.50  

The equivalent of three full weeks in an elementary (K-8) setting (minimum 90 hours), including contact with a special needs student. Candidates will plan and teach five lessons in a traditional classroom setting or complete the equivalent planning and preparation in an alternative setting such as a school library or resource room. Candidates incorporate strategies for accommodating students with special needs within their instructional plans and make reflections and suggested changes on their plans after instruction occurs. The format is to be very flexible but pre-planned. For example, candidates may choose to do a series of half-days, or three full-time weeks, or a combination of half-days, full-days and/or full weeks. Full-time weeks may be done during the fall or winter reading weeks, or (if necessary) at the end of the term in May, or a reasonable combination of these options. The placement must be completed in the same academic year. PREREQUISITE: PRAC 210AB

Requirements: PRAC116 OR PRAC210  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Education  

Concurrent Education Degree Requirements

...Focus (FOCI) course and PRAC 450 Alternative Practicum...307, GPHY 308, GPHY 310 , GPHY 311 , GPHY...