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PSYC 575 Directed Special Laboratory II

PSYC 575  Directed Special Laboratory II  Units: 3.00  

Laboratory courses to be arranged in consultation with individual members of the Department. Courses must involve data collection; approximately 5-7 hours of lab work per week required.
NOTE Students whose research involves the care and/or handling of animals must also complete the Introductory Animal Care Course and if required the appropriate Animal Use workshops through the Office of the University Veterinarian .
NOTE Students are limited to a maximum of two of PSYC 550/3.0, PSYC 555/3.0, PSYC 560/3.0, PSYC 570/3.0, or PSYC 575/3.0. Students are also limited to a maximum of two 500-level courses supervised by the same faculty member. (Students registered in PSYC 501/6.0 concurrently will not normally take one of these courses with their thesis supervisor.)

Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science