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WRIT 290 Writing Creative Non-fiction

WRIT 290  Writing Creative Non-fiction  Units: 3.00  

Creative non-fiction genres are written in prose, deal with non-fictional subject matter, and use a vast range of styles. In WRIT 290, students analyze and write works of creative non-fiction. Through readings, exercises, online discussions, and writing assignments, students learn how creative non-fiction can work as a creative form of writing.
NOTE Only offered online, consult Arts and Science Online.

Learning Hours: 114 (36 Online Activity, 78 Private Study)  
Requirements: Prerequisite (WRIT 120 or WRIT 125 or ENGL 100) or permission of the Instructor. Note A 100-level course with a writing component such as (DRAM, ENGL,FILM,HIST,PHIL,POLS,SOCY) can be used a prerequisite for this course, contact the Instructor for permission to enrol. Equivalency WRIT 295.  
Course Equivalencies: WRIT290;WRIT295  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

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