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MATH 112  Introduction to Linear Algebra  Units: 3.00  
A brief introduction to matrix algebra, linear algebra, and applications. Topics include systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, determinants, the vector spaces Rn and their subspaces, bases, co-ordinates, orthogonalization, linear transformations, eigenvectors, diagonalization of symmetric matrices, quadratic forms.
Learning Hours: 120 (36 Lecture, 84 Private Study)  
Requirements: Prerequisite None. Exclusion MATH 110/6.0; MATH 111/6.0. Recommended At least one 4U Mathematics course.  
Course Equivalencies: MATH 110B/112 / APSC 174  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply the above skills to complex problems (eg. error correcting codes, dynamical systems, games on graphs and probability).
  2. Compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors and understand their utility.
  3. Manipulate matrix equations and compute their determinants and inverses.
  4. Solve systems of linear equations and visualize the related geometry.
  5. Visualize and express algebraically the geometry of lines and planes.
  6. Work with linear and affine transformations and relate them to matrices.