Academic Integrity (AI) Decision Appeal - People Involved


Programs to which the school policy applies

First Level of Appeal

Second Level of Appeal



Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Bachelor of Computing (Honours)

Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours)

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Music Theatre

Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (Honours)

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

15 undergraduate certificates

Associate Dean (Academic)

Academic Integrity and Conduct Panel (Academic Appeal Policy in Academic Calendar)


Bachelor of Education

Diploma of Education


Associate Dean (Teacher Education)


Continuing Teacher’s Education

Professional Studies

Director, CTE/Professional Studies

School of English (except QBridge)

Associate Director, School of English



Bachelor of Applied Science

Associate Dean (Academic)

Academic Integrity Appeal Panel (Ad Hoc Panel of the Faculty Operations Committee)


Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)

(Policy specific to BHSc program)

Associate Director (Studies), Bachelor of Health Sciences

Board of Studies, Bachelor of Health Sciences Program (Academic Appeal Policy specific to BHSc program in Academic Calendar)

Bachelor of Nursing Science

(Policy specific to BNSc Program)

Undergraduate Academic Progress and Graduation Committee (UAPGC). See also the UAPGC’s Terms of Reference

Faculty of Health Sciences Appeal Board (Terms of Reference)

Doctor of Medicine

Progress & Promotions Committee (terms of reference)

Faculty of Health Sciences Student Appeal Board (Terms of Reference)



Juris Doctor

Undergraduate Certificate in Law

Associate Dean (Academic Policy)

Academic Standing and Policies Committee


Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

All professional master degrees

Certificate in Business

To be determined

Academic Appeals Committee



Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Science in Rehabilitation and Health Leadership

21 Master’s Degrees*

3 Professional Master’s Degrees*

12 Graduate Diplomas*

Department Head or Program Director

Associate Dean, SGSPA

3rd level of appeal in SGSPA: Academic Appeal Board of the SGSPA

* The 21 master’s degrees awarded through SGSPA are: Applied Science; Art Conservation; Arts; Arts (Arts Leadership) Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership; Education; Engineering; Environmental Studies; Health Professions Education; Industrial Relations; Laws; Nursing (Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner); Nursing Science ; Philosophy; Public Administration; Public Health; Science; Science (Aging and Health); Science (Healthcare Quality); Science in Occupational Therapy; Science in Physical Therapy; and Urban and Regional Planning.

The 3 professional master’s degrees awarded through SGSPA are: Biomedical Informatics (MBI); Education (PME); and Medical Sciences (MMSc).

The 12 graduate diplomas awarded through SGSPA are: Arts Management (AMGD); Aging and Health (GDAH); Biomedical Informatics (GDipBI); Immigration and Citizenship Law (GDICL); Legal Services Management (GDLSM); Medical Sciences (GDMSc); Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management and Innovation (GDPHMI); Education (GDE); Risk Policy and Regulation (RPRD); Social Performance Management in the Extractive Industries (GDSPMEI); Water and Human Health (GD WHH); Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Diploma (DPHCNP)


Faculty or School Academic Integrity Administrative Contacts