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Academic Integrity

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Academic Integrity @ Queen's

Academic Integrity is more than a mechanism for punitive action against those whose who depart from it, but is a means of promoting original scholarly work by ensuring students and faculty members have the tools, resources, and knowledge to complete their work with integrity.  To support this, however, each Faculty is responsible for outlining specific AI policies and procedures.  Work on these policies is continuous and adaptive, based on the guiding principles outlined in the Policy Statement on AI

Fundamental Values

The best way to begin to describe academic integrity is to look at the foundations on which it is based. In "The Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity," the Centre for Academic Integrity offers the following statements contextualizing the values of Academic Integrity.

Honesty   Trust
An academic community of integrity advances the quest for truth and knowledge by requiring intellectual and personal honesty in learning, teaching, research, and service.   An academic community of integrity fosters a climate of mutual trust, encourages the free exchange of ideas, and enables all to reach their highest potential.
Fairness   Respect
An academic community of integrity establishes clear standards, practices, and procedures and expects fairness in the interactions of students, faculty, and administrators.   An academic community of integrity recognizes the participatory nature of the learning process and honours and respects a wide range of opinions and ideas.
  An academic community of integrity upholds personal accountability and depends upon action in the face of wrongdoing.  

The Center for Academic Integrity

The Center for Academic Integrity, based at Clemson University, South Carolina, is the leading centre in North America in the study and promotion of academic integrity.  Founded in 1992, the Center has provided a forum for CAI members to discuss, debate, and spread the fundamental values of academic integrity.

Queen's University became a member of the Center in 2001 and in January 2006 the Senate approved an Academic Integrity Policy Statement for Queen's