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Academic Integrity

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Academic integrity issues speak to some of the most fundamental values of the university. Policies about dishonesty, plagiarism and exams, to name a few, have been in place at Queen's and have been updated over time.  

Queen's Academic Integrity Policy Statement

In 2005, a discussion began about how Queen's should impart the importance of promoting academic integrity throughout the university community. This led to the formation of a committee and the eventual release of the Academic Integrity Policy Statement (January 2006; 2017) that guides discussions around the formulation of policies, procedures, and educational programs in this area.

The policy statement reads as follows:  

Academic integrity is constituted by the six core fundamental values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage (as articulated by the International Center for Academic Integrity, 2014; 2021) all of which are central to the building, nurturing and sustaining of an academic community in which all members of the community will thrive. Adherence to the values expressed through academic integrity forms a foundation for the "freedom of inquiry and exchange of ideas" essential to the intellectual life of the University (see Report on Principles and Priorities) Queen's students, faculty, administrators and staff therefore all have ethical responsibilities for supporting and upholding the fundamental values of academic integrity.

For the background to the development of this policy statement and a list of recommendations for future action, please see 'Sub-Committee on Academic Integrity -Report to the Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD)'

Faculties and Schools have implemented the policy statement into their regulations and procedures. The Faculty of Arts and Science, for example, has redefined their regulations to reflect the principles of AI and have come up with definition that reflects the values of their Faculty:

Academic Integrity provides the foundation for the 'freedom of inquiry and exchange of ideas' fundamental to the educational environment at Queen's University. As a member of the Center for Academic Integrity, Queen's subscribes to the definition of academic integrity as a "commitment, even in the face of adversity, to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage."

Other current Queen's University policies relating to AI: