Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

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Integrity Committees

The University has two standing committees responsible for overseeing, revising, and managing general matters related to academic integrity:

The Academic Integrity Subcommittee; and

The Academic Integrity Roundtable.

Descriptions of these committees, their membership, and their terms or reference are available on the linked pages. The Roundtable reports to the Subcommittee and the Subcommittee reports to Senate through the Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD) and the Senate Committee on Academic Procedure (SCAP).

Essentially, the Subcommittee is a smaller executive committee that monitors integrity on campus, develops policy, and reviews practice to ensure there are coherent, current, and responsible policies and practices at Queen's. The Roundtable--including representatives from all Faculties and Schools, from SCAD and SCAP, and from a number of supporting branches of the educational and research sides of Queen's--is a consultative body that brings concerns and areas for enhancement to the Subcommittee and disseminates information, policy and practices developed by the Subcommittee. The two groups will be involved in regular interaction and consultation.