Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

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The Academic Integrity Roundtable

The academic integrity roundtable serves as an information-sharing and advisory forum for those involved in the implementation and operation of the university’s academic integrity system(s) and reports to the Academic Integrity Subcommittee.

Terms of Reference

View the Academic Integrity Roundtable Terms of Reference.


Bader International Study Centre: Anna Taylor

Faculty of Education: Rebecca Carnevale

Faculty of Law: Nancy Somers

Faculty of Arts and Science: Pamela Briand

Faculty of Health Sciences: Leslie Flynn and Alana Korczynski

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences: Marianna Kontopoulou and Tracy Brons

School of Graduate Studies: Monica Corbett

Smith School of Business: Harry Smith

SCAP Delegate: Patrick Oosthuizen

SCAD Delegate: Kody Klupt

University Ombudsperson: Lavonne Hood (Observer)

Student Academic Success Services (SASS): Susan Korba

University Librarian or Delegate: Mark Swartz (Observer)

Centre for Teaching and Learning: Sue Fostaty Young

AMS Student at Large Representative: Vacant

SGPS Student at Large Representative: Shikha Gupta

AMS External Advocacy Commissioner: Matthew Mellon (Observer)

SGPS President or Delegate: Anthony Lomax (Observer)

University Secretary: Lon Knox (Observer)


At least once in each of the Fall and Winter terms or as needed. 

Meeting Minutes

Academic Integrity Roundtable Meeting Minutes
Minutes February 23 2018
Minutes December 6 2017



Academic Integrity Roundtable Meeting Minutes
Minutes October 19 2018
Minutes March 18 2019



Academic Integrity Roundtable Meeting Minutes
Minutes November 7 2019