Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

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The Academic Integrity Subcommittee

Reporting to SCAD on matters of policy and to SCAP on matters of practice and procedure related to academic integrity.

Terms of Reference

View the Academic Integrity Subcommittee Terms of Reference.


Faculty at Large: Cheryl Pulling

Faculty at Large: Johanne Benard

AMS Student at Large Representative: Kody Klupt

SGPS Student at Large Representative: Tamara Mitterer 

Faculty at Large: Kate Rowbotham

Chair, and Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning): John Pierce

University Ombudsperson: Lavonne Hood (Observer)

Office of the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel: Lon Knox (Observer)

SGPS President or Delegate: Anthony Lomax (Observer)

AMS External Advocacy Commissioner: Matthew Mellon (Observer)


Normally once per term.

Meeting Minutes

Academic Integrity Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
Minutes October 1 2018
Minutes December 3 2018
Minutes March 7 2019
Academic Integrity Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
Minutes September 29 2020
Minutes December 11 2020